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Ruturaj R. Patil

I am Ruturaj R. Patil, a 30 year old India-based blogger, engineering, mobile application designer/developer, graphics and a lover of adventure sports. Engineering is my passion and I blogged about anything under the clouds such as my day, memories, awesome festival seasons, destinations & travels. I also enjoy writing reviews, my opinions towards new technologies. I am also a huge fan of Sci-fi movies. My favorite pastimes are riding bikes, photography, designing websites, creating DIY projects. I belive in creativity and originality. Designing could be a interest or just a activity, but if we have put in effort, even if we did not get the best designs, it is still something we could be proud of. I have a strong interest in photography and since 2000 have started pursuing my interest in it. Captured memories always makes me remember how things have matured and changed over the years and bring smile to my face. I am also attached to automobiles and latest technologies involved in making great machines. I do part time research on renewable energies and herbal substitute for sugar.

Better is one's own path, though imperfect, than the path of another well-made.

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What I do ?

By profession I am a software engineer and provide consultancy in -

  • Software development for embedded systems, mobiles, desktops & web,
  • Information technology,
  • Renewal energy Research & Development,
  • Data analytic and analysis,
  • Graphics & printing,
  • Home security devices,
  • Content creation and editing,

Apart from this, I invest my time in shrpning skills of rural youths which can help them for better employment, arranging industrial training in rural areas. Find domestic & international markets for various things manufactured in rural areas. Arranging educational & promotional events.

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5 stars Manapasun Aaikato

He is good friend, Meeting la manapasun aaikato! Technology madhala barach kahi shikava hyschyakadun, asa friend!!

- Manasi

5 stars Ever smiling

He is a evergreen character based on what I have interacted with him for last 3/4 months, also ever smiling and ever studying ;) , chairman of multiple committees; Wish you all the best Dr. Ruturaj Patil :)

- Anand Kale

5 stars Big Leadership


- Hanuman

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- Oscar Wilde

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